Just another boring day… :)

It has been such a boring, unremarkable day. Nothing of significance has happened. During the last hour of class, we had a test. Of course, I knew nothing and so, my paper was filled with a lot of unintelligible bullshit. 😀 I must have taken a maximum of 15 minutes for that! I spent the remaining time thinking of what I would post about today. I was truly blank! What could I possibly write about on days like this – dull, boring and devoid of any remarkable thought? So, I decided I would just let my mind wander and come up with something.

You know, there are instances when I suddenly become aware of where I am and what I am doing. And then, I find myself wondering why I am here and doing this. Sometimes, when I sit in class, I get this sudden thought: “I’m actually sitting in this class, pursuing this useless degree.” And I try to figure out why I’m taking this degree when I don’t want it, in the first place. Beats me. But what I wanted to bring to attention is the sudden revelation of those moments. You go on from one day to the next without really thinking what you are doing or why you doing it. Some people might find it absurd to be asked the question (why they are doing something, ie). A normal reply would be: “Why? Because we have to do it, we are meant to do it.” And why are you meant to do it? The final answer would, most probably, be “I don’t know”. Life just goes on; you do what you have been doing all this while, or what everyone around you has been doing. Without giving a thought to why you are actually doing it.

It must be weird to feel like you just got hit on your head and then, out of the blue, you think: “Wow! I’m So-and-So…and I’m doing this. OK, so what am I doing here? Why am I here?” I don’t know how many out there must have felt this way. But a few of my friends have experienced this sudden bolt of self-realization (or whatever you call it). If you have felt something of this sort, then WELCOME to the club! You are officially crazy! 😛

So, another weekend…I’m hoping to have a good time lazing around (as always) and reading the book that I started with long back…and of course, I need to spend some quality time with friends. 🙂 So, that’s the plan of action! And I really hope next week arrives, bright and cheerful, with lots of crazy thoughts for me to blog about. 😀

Perfect way to spend a day 🙂