Thoughts Running Wild (Just Another Random Rant)

Today, I was going through this site that has prompts (like questions, ideas) that could give you thoughts for writing. And it evoked a lot of memories that had been lost somewhere in my mind (can’t be blamed, it’s all jumbled up in there). So, this is going to be about all the random thoughts that came rushing into my head on reading those questions/ideas.

When you need a good laugh, who/what do you turn to?  – Well, I face this situation very often. Sometimes, I’ll be in need of a good, hearty laugh…just something to help me lighten my mind. One place I always turn to is that place in my head where I’ve kept aside all those awesome memories. So many instances from school life, home, college life…memories that will make me laugh my head off, till tears begin rolling down my face. It might be stupid comments from friends, funny experiences, sometimes, completely silly incidents. But, the bottom line is, they are sure to make me laugh! Apart from that, I turn to my best friends and/or my sisters because they are a bunch of sweethearts who can always bring a smile onto my face. And since I got into blogging, I have found some really great blogs which can lighten up my mood (check out the blogs I follow to find my favs) ! 🙂

Who are your all-time favourite authors?– OK, this is something I could go on talking about. But I guess I’ll do another post (in

English: Dan Brown, bookjacket image.

Dan Brown

detail) on this later. For now, my all-time favourite authors would be Jules Verne, Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho. I read a lot of other books by various other authors but I guess all-time favourites would definitely be them! 🙂

How much does the weather influence your mood? – I love sunny days, a lot of sunshine. In my previous room, my roommates knew this and they used to wake me up early on a sunny day (I used to be the last one to wake up, still am). I wake up with a really happy smile, that goes far deeper into my mind, on days when there’s a lot of sunlight streaming into the room. I love the morning sunshine, though not when it gets a little too much for my taste. I feel dull on cloudy, rainy days and don’t enjoy that kind of weather (except on some rare days). In short, the weather does influence my mood a LOT… So, next time I sound dull on a rainy day, don’t ask me why or what’s bothering me! Because you already know!

What’s your least favourite household chore? – Easy! Doing the laundry! I hate it! I don’t really like any household chore except doing the dishes. But picking my least favourite is always easy. I hate doing the laundry! I have tried putting it off for as long as possible, but I have learnt (the hard way) that it does no good except give me an even bigger pile of clothes at the end of it. So, even though I do my laundry (kinda) regularly now, I DO NOT enjoy it at all!

Kinda the thing I want...but I'd want darker shades! 🙂

Could you pull off a different hair colour? – Interesting question. Just a few days ago, I was talking to Kiran. Both of us have plans to colour our hair sometime soon. And we plan to do it the crazy way (as expected! as if we could ever do anything that isn’t crazy!). She said she would go for purple; I want a couple of those crazy colours – blue, green, and whatever I feel like, at that point. So, can I pull it off? I guess I can. I mean, I know I’ll love it…so I suppose that’s all that really matters. 😀

I have some more thoughts that were triggered by the ideas. But I thought I’d save them for another post, coming up soon. 🙂 And since you’re here, why don’t you try answering the (above) questions, too? Have fun! 🙂