5 Qualities I LOVE in People (or 5 Qualities that Attract Me to Others)

Since I wrote about 5 qualities I hate in others, I thought I should also be writing about 5 qualities I love and that attract me to others. I take my time to understand people, but tend to trust others blindly if I like them. So, what happens is: I like someone, I trust them and by the time I come to understand them properly, it would too late. Of course, there have been some exceptions. And those exceptions are the ones I call my BEST FRIENDS! Anyway, this list includes the top 5 qualities that would make me like a person I’m meeting or talking to, for the first time (obviously!!).

1. Intelligence – I don’t mean the ‘bookish’ intelligence. And I don’t mean the unnatural level of intelligence that people like scientists possess. What I’m talking about is a general kind of intelligence, a normal level of it, if not a little high. 🙂 Someone who would fit my idea of intelligence would be a person who: has some knowledge about different subjects (a little of everything), thinks deeply about life & its various aspects, can engage in a good, intellectual conversation, is eager to know & learn more and can drive me to think more. Basically, someone who can complement me and challenge me, intellectually. It is something I admire in people, something that instantly attracts me to them. And I love talking to such individuals.

2. Humour Sense – I can easily fall for people with a good sense of humour. Not the weird kind of humour sense which is ‘humour’ only for the speaker! I’m talking about people who are spontaneously and naturally witty, clever or downright funny. I love people who make me laugh (who doesn’t!!)…and it’s always fun to be with someone who can easily dispel your worries and make you laugh out loud. A good sense of humour is something that would definitely attract me to a person.

3. Similarity in thoughts/interests/wavelength – I’m so madly drawn to people who have similar interests or share similar thoughts with me.

This is where I belong 🙂

It’s quite rarely that I come across individuals who think like me. And, very unfortunately, I should say, these rare individuals mostly don’t include guys. Anyway, I absolutely love people who think or have same interests as me. Especially, ardent readers! I love talking about books, authors, so on and I’d be delighted with someone who reads, who is interested in talking about books. Apart from that, some other interests that I would possibly like to find in others are writing, movies, music, travelling & (probably) blogging. I love being with and talking to people of the same wavelength as me, people with whom I can effortlessly connect to, and vice-versa.

4. Cheerful/Optimistic Attitude – I can get really impressed by a person who is naturally cheerful and surrounded by positive energy. It is something important and extremely attractive, to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean the bubbly, hyperactive kind of cheerfulness, though I like that, too. You know a cheerful person when you see one. He will be happy, going about everything with a zeal that others (less cheerful ones, that is) lack and he will always give you a lot of positive vibes. That is something I LOVE in others.

5. Good Language – I was wondering what I would list as the last quality. I had a few in mind, but when I thought of this one, it surpassed all others, significantly. I have to admit, I’m instantly attracted to anyone who has a good language, ie. a great command over language and a good vocabulary. I have always found that I feel comfortable with those who possess this particular trait. It might be because of the fact that I can easily interact with them. In the case of guys, good language is a definite turn-on! 😀

Of course, there are many other qualities I like in others…but ultimately, I’d say, what matters is who you are and how confident you are to be your true self, with everyone.


Realizations formed out of Hardships

TADAAAA!!!! I’m back. And I can’t explain how happy I’m!!! 🙂 I actually felt relieved thinking of college reopening…not because I’m eager to sit in the boring classes but because I can get back to what I love the most – blogging! I know I sound obsessed. I am, to be frank! As expected, I have lots to blabber about. I just can’t wait to get started.

This Christmas, as feared, was the worst I have had until now. And the worst I will ever have, I hope. Before I go into that, I want to share a compliment I received from one of my teachers. He is a lot more than a teacher for me; he is more like a fatherly figure…someone who understands me a lot. Recently, when I spoke to him, he told me that he had gone through my blog, read a few posts and that he loved it. He has always encouraged me and urged me to write more. So, he was really happy to see that I’m writing with the same vigour as before. He said that I have matured in my thoughts and perceptions, which clearly echoed in my writing. One thing he pointed out to me was that even though I wrote about some negative experiences, I always brought it out in a positive way; maybe in the way it is presented, maybe in the way I see it, so on. It was something I hadn’t noticed but when he said it out loud, I realized that he was right. My writing reflects positive vibes, even when the matter maybe negative. I think that is great, because I’m a person who gives a hell lot of importance to being and thinking positive. Wow! You rock, Rosh! 😛

About the Christmas tragedy, thanks to the uncle and aunt here who cannot seem to say a word without sounding rude, I have been depressed since the moment I stepped into that house. And believe it or not, I actually cried on Christmas day, of all days, because I could not stand it anymore! That’s as bad as they can get! Anyway, while talking about this with the teacher, he consoled me and said that I will be able to find something positive from these experiences…that I will be able to reach out to others in the same situation when I write about it. As expected, it has turned out to be true.

On Christmas day, I went to a relative’s place in the evening…actually, I went to a couple of families. And all of them were so warm, loving and really sweet. I could see that they were genuinely happy to have me there, that they cared. After all the disturbing episodes, this realization was so much like a contrast…but one that I loved! I understood that I have a family (relatives, that is)…one that loves me and cares for me, even though a select few may behave otherwise. I realized that just because of those few, I should not think everyone else will be like them. I’m lucky to have so many people who love me, even though they may not really know me. Isn’t that more important than all the negative experiences I went through?

All of us want happiness and good experiences. Nobody would ever wish for a bad one. But we tend to forget that the bad experiences are the ones that pave the way to happiness…they help us understand what happiness is. I’m not saying you should start wishing for something bad to happen. All I’m saying is: next time something unhappy occurs, try not to be too blinded by depression; keep your eyes open to the joy that is about to come your way. Know that every tear you shed is ultimately meant to symbolize the times you will laugh later on…soon enough. Sometimes, you might wonder how some people can be so strong in the face of trouble. Now, you know how. They just have to welcome the stark reality that bad times are like a ‘prelude’ to happiness! 🙂

This is taken from the book P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (a beautiful book that I would always love to read again and again). A very beautiful line. I felt it so wonderfully brings out what I’m trying to say.

“Nobody’s life is filled with perfect little moments. And if it were they wouldn’t be perfect little moments. They would just be normal. How would you know happiness if you never experienced downs?” 


5 (out of the many) QUALITIES I HATE IN PEOPLE

Recently, I came across some situations that gave me an idea for something to write about (as if I weren’t already flooded with them! :P). Today, I thought I would write on 5 qualities/characteristics I HATE in people (anyone and everyone). So, here goes.

5 Qualities I hate in People (in no particular order)

1. PESSIMISM – This would be the first to come to my mind, without a doubt. I totally loathe pessimistic people. I cannot stand people who keep lamenting about how their life sucks, how they are not good enough, how they are fat, how they are…I get a headache just thinking about them.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

They say ‘An optimist invented the airplane and a pessimist invented the parachute’. Cool. Cheers to whoever invented it (the parachute, that is). But, tell me, does anyone bother to remember him? Is he ever mentioned in the textbooks or in the pages of history with a considerable significance which will match that of the Wright brothers? Yeah, good that he invented the parachute but that doesn’t seem to have done much for him. Optimistic people are the ones who keep hope alive, struggle on and reach for the stars! I hate pessimists, especially the ones who are pessimistic about themselves and their lives.

2. DOUBLE CHARACTER – I don’t know how they do it but some people are REALLY good at maintaining double characters. They talk all sugary in front of you and then, with the next person they meet, bitch about you. I’m someone who hates pretense…and maybe that’s why I don’t like others pretending with me, either. It undermines their self-worth as well as their worth in others’ perceptions.

3. DISHONEST BEHAVIOUR – Now, I won’t say I have never lied. And I won’t say I will never lie, either. But there is an extent to how dishonest one can be, whatever maybe the relationship. I hate it when my close friends or dear ones lie to/hide something from/cheat me. I try my best not to do it myself and I have always done what I can to correct my mistake, when I have been dishonest. I believe that one should treat others in the way one wants to be treated by others. I’m a person who tries my maximum to stick to that policy. Which is why I don’t like dishonest behaviour. As simple as that!

4. SNOBBISH BEHAVIOUR/MATERIALISTIC GREED/BOASTING/EXCESSIVE PRIDE – It’s really weird to hear people brag and talk so highly about themselves or about their materialistic possessions. They could lose everything within the next moment. Yet they go on with their boasting and their greed for more. I detest it…and I wish I could knock some sense into such people. Someday, hopefully!

5. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS – I am not at all good at saying a firm ‘NO’ when the situation requires it. And I don’t react much to bad/unfavourable situations. Because of these very reasons, I can be easily taken advantage of. I really am trying to react or say NO when I don’t like something. Anyhow, I hate people who use or take advantage of others, for whatever reason it maybe. It is such an unbecoming act – using a person’s weakness to your advantage.

So…these are the 5 qualities I hate in people. There are many more too…like excessive paranoia, being nosy, being biased, selfishness, over-dominating behaviour, not respecting a person’s privacy…the list doesn’t end here. But I assumed 5 would be enough for now…enough bitching for the day, that is. You can take over, though… What do you hate in others? 😀

An Insight into the Power Within Us…

Recently, I happened to read a book which changed my perspective about various things in life. So, I thought of writing about that book and how it changed my views about life.

 The book that made such an impact on my life is ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ written by Robin S Sharma, a leading motivational leader. It is one of the most inspirational and phenomenal books I have ever read! After reading it, I have begun to believe in the power of my mind. I don’t know whether everyone would feel the same as I felt when I read the book. But very honestly speaking, reading that book has been a life-changing experience for me.

 The book says about how you can find out and fulfill the meaning and purpose of your life, what you should do in order to live a fruitful life, about the power of your mind…so on. It is a book I would highly recommend to those interested in taking their life to a higher level. 

Like I have already said, I have begun to believe in the power of my mind after reading it. It is said, in the book, that if we want something with all our heart and being, we will be able to achieve it. The forces of the universe will conspire to realize our wants. Our mind has immense and infinite power to get what we want. It is a philosophical concept for some people. But I think it is very much true.

 I think the human mind is the most complex of all creations, be it manmade or natural. I don’t think I would be wrong if I venture to say that it is also the most powerful of all creations. The truth is that we just don’t realize the potential that is locked within us. We go on with our lives just like everyone else and never think of anything beyond the normal. People sacrifice their dreams or just let go of it…in the search of a better life, in the materialistic point of view. The truth, I think, is that if you have a dream you should try to fulfill it. Your mind and the whole Universe will come to your aid… you just have to put your heart to it and try with all your might!

There is nothing that you, as a person, cannot do. More precisely, there is nothing that the human mind cannot achieve. Your dreams and wants awaken your dormant mind. Your determination and efforts to achieve your goal unlock the hidden potential within you. If you want to do or achieve something, you just have to really wish for it and of course put in your part of effort, concentrating with all your mind. I believe that you can do anything…anything in this world if you put your mind to it and use all your power for it. Believe in the power of your mind.

What you believe or think has a great influence on your mind. I always tell my friends that if they say that they won’t do well in an exam, then chances are that they may not do well. But instead, if they say that they will do well, I think that they will indeed do well. And believe me, it has come true… I have tried it, I have told my friends to try it… and it has almost always come true, provided that you believe in what you say. Saying something and believing the opposite can’t do any good. It’s an already proven and accepted fact that detailed visualization and affirmation of something you want can help you to actually achieve it. So, next time you really want something, try to visualize it in all possible detail, with complete concentration and believe that you will get it. I am sure that you will succeed in getting what you want!

  I always stress on positive thinking. It can work wonders in your life! Especially when you do something important it is highly essential to think positively. And try to take failures in a better way. I know it might be hard, but try to see it as another chance, an opportunity to do better than before. You should try to understand that maybe you didn’t really try so hard. And next time you try, put in your best. When you fail in something, try to take it as a challenge… be determined to try better and succeed next time.

 Belief and confidence in yourself can improve and positively influence your performance. Believe in the power of your mind. You have, within you, the power to realize all your dreams. All you have to do is unlock that potential and use it to achieve the purpose of your life.

 I think it is high time that we (humans) realized the immense power within us and utilized it in the proper way, for our better future.


   I am very much interested in philosophy (evidently!) and I think philosophy can contribute a lot in helping us to make our lives better. It is, I think, very intricately connected with life. Most of the people I know consider philosophy as complicated, boring or complete rubbish! I think we should try to explore and discover what it has to offer us!